*Our wholesale Shabby Flowers can also be used for
baby barefoot sandals or canvas bags!
These were made by one of our awesome customers! So adorable!

Our wholesale flowers can also be used for Parties too!

These pictures are from one of our awesome customers!
She did a great job using our zebra flowers for baby shower decorations!

*Turn our our adorable Red Striped Zebra daisy flowers and the Lime Green Striped Zebra flowers into the "Grinch" Flower by layers these to colors together! PERFECT to wear for a Christmas Flower clip!

*During the shipping process, some flower petals could become bent.

One idea would be, to hold a blow dryer to them, to fluff and straighten back.

*Some flower petals might not be perfect, it's ok to cut the petals to trim them as needed.

*Try putting flowers in your freezer for 5-10 mins, if you need to unglue petals or rhinestones from the flower petals! Be careful not to pull hard, if they don't come a part easy, stick them back in the freezer for a few more mins!

*Add a NEW Dazzle to your flowers, by adding
glitter spray to your flower petals.
There are several glitter spray brands, found at most craft stores, usually found in with the
spray paint cans.

To add a New look for you purse, without gluing on Flowers, try adding a strong magnet to the backside of your flowers, instead of clips, then put the opposite side of the magnet inside your purses! Best to use really super strong magnets.

*By adding smaller flowers to any pair of shoes, will gives them a personal touch!
Be careful with smaller parts around children.

*Try adding some of our adorable 2" Natural zebra flowers to our 4" solid flowers!
Picture below is 4" black daisy and 2" Natural Colored Zebra, 2" Natural Neon, and
2" Natural Striped Zebra daisy flowers.


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